A New Season of Korean-Hispanic Cooperation for the Sake of a New Generation

At the Latin American Regional 4/14 Window Conference held in Atlanta a new season of Korean-Hispanic cooperation is anticipated with the formation of the Korean 4/14 Window Alliance. “This is a historic moment. We are experiencing an uplift in the 4/14 Initiative as a

result of the synergy of the Latin Americans and Koreans  evidenced by the formation of a Korean 4/14 Window Alliance,” said Pastor Nam Soo Kim, host of the first two 4/14 Window Global Summits. The Korean 4/14 Alliance was formed spontaneously at the encouragement of Pastor James Jung, who hosted more than 400 participants from 24 countries at the Latin American Regional 4/14 Window Conference April 10 to 13 held in his church in Atlanta in partnership with two other churches. The purpose of the alliance was to connect with Korean pastors and leaders throughout the United States for collaboration with the Latin Americans in their efforts to raise up a new generation from the 4/14 Window to transform the world.

Host Pastor James Jung & Ricardo Luna

The Latin American 4/14 Initiative regional facilitator, Ricardo Luna, who also serves as the President of CONELA, the Confraternity of Evangelical Churches of Latin America and OneHope, offered the participants perspective on generations connecting to transform nations and the nature of the challenge before us. He pointed out that, according to extensive research conducted around the world by OneHope, Latin America has become the most violent continent.

The 4/14 Window Regional Conference theme Connecting New Generation focused on the how to more than the what of reaching, rescuing, equipping and enabling the 4/14ers of Latin America by connecting around emerging models in Latin America. We explored how to:

(1) respond to the challenge of violence in Latin America, (2) develop a Strategic 4/14 Window Plan in a country,

(3) engage the spheres, especially media, education, church and family,

(4) conduct 4/14 week long intensive training sessions with Gen Y’ers and 4/14ers to prepare them to change the culture of their nations,

(5) partner together as Korean and Latin American servants of God in responding to the 4/14 Window challenge in Latin America,

(6) engage in the spiritual battle for the hearts and minds of the 4/14ers,

(7) integrate the products and services offered by the NGO’s.

(1)  How to respond to the challenge of violence in Latin America.

Luis and Doris with Nam Son Kim

The nature of the problem of violence and solutions offered by existing models in Latin America was explored by Luis Bush. As violence continues to increase, gangs grow and the average age recruiting has dropped to more than one half of entrants from 12 to 14 years old, for Luis proposed an intentional proactive preparation for child participation in peace processes throughout Latin America. Kids can make peace as has been well documented in the Majority World. Models of ways and means to prepare children to be peacemakers were presented from programs and projects of servant leaders from throughout Latin America that are highlighted in each of the remaining areas described in this report.

Doris Bush spoke on the 4/14 challenge and the local church.
Click here to read more about how to respond to the challenge of violence in Latin America (English)

(2) How to develop a Strategic 4/14 Window Plan for a country

Strategic Components

A delegation from Puerto Rico presented the strategic framework for a country or state 4/14 initiative:

Vision: the primary focus of the church is raising a generation 4/14 to transform the world;

Mission: Mobilizing the body of Christ to invest to reach, equip and mobilize the 4/14 generation and maximize their transformational impact;

Networking for social change: parents and family, government, education, media and technology, and the church.

Launching 4/14 Initiative in Puerto Rico

(3) How to engage the spheres of cultural influence, especially media, education, church and family.

Government: Juan Wehrli, Minister of Religion, Chile

In the sphere of government Juan Wehrli, the Minister of Religion from Chile presented a historical model of shared principles and values material based on the Protestant Reformation and in response to a survey that was conducted in Chile on the beliefs and behaviors of young people. Wehrli is also a Lutheran pastor, theologian and historian. His book, Linea de Tiempo Historico, describes the role of education in transformation in Chile as he traces the realities of Protestantism in Chile at the present from the time of Jesus through the Reformation to the present.  Today there exists the potential to reach 760 cultural centers in Chile to introduce principles and values from a Christian worldview as a result of a survey of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of ten to eighteen year old.

Ivan Ruz Chile

In the area of public education in Chile there exists an opportunity to present lessons from the biblical worldview in the 900 public schools for two hours per week.  Ivan Ruz along with Larry Fredes coordinates the work of 1,000 educators who teach religion classes required by law in schools in Chile. They are convinced that there are ways to do this in the different countries of Latin America worth pursuing.

Models of schools established by churches to train a new of 4/14ers were shared by Francisco Peña in Colombia, left and Lee de Leon, USA on the right below.

Francisco Peña, Colombia

Lee de Leon, USA

Gaston Bruno

Mauricio Rojas Campos

In the sphere of media, Gaston Bruno, Vice President of the Association of Evangelicals of Argentina, insists that we must conquer the gadget screen in order  to reach the 4/14 generation.  At the Conference in Atlanta we considered a platform established in Bogota, Colombia that represents a strategic environment to support an effective and sustainable way to transform to reach the 4/14ers in their own language. The platform has three major components: the first are the antennas that identify the language used in most social networks, second an interdisciplinary team specializing in social media and third a modern infrastructure to disseminate millions of messages. Among internet users worldwide there are an estimated 800 million 4/14 year olds online which represents over 60% of the 4/14 Window  worldwide. We recognized that we need to establish appropriate protocols to offer these resources to other Latin American nations.

Participante at Conference April 12

The importance of media is underscored by the fact that children and youth in the 4/14 age bracket in Latin America listen to music twenty six hours a week on average  The music video done both in English and Spanish titled Heart of the harvest by John Ray johnray_morales@yahoo.com not only connects with the generation but also carries the vision of the 4/14 Imitative.

Alfredo Moreno Yopal, Colombia

In the sphere of the Church the case study of a church in the city of Yopal, in the state of Casanare in the country of Colombia, was presented by Pastor Alfredo Moreno pastor of a three thousand member church. Several years ago, when the church was much smaller, one day a group of preteens in church said to him. “Stop trying to entertain us in Sunday School. Teach out how we can have a meaningful relationship with Christ and be used by him.”  Pastor Alfredo Moreno took their word seriously. He began watching out for those youngsters who demonstrated real interest in the teaching of the Bible and meeting with them to train them.  Today there are fifty three preteens and early teens that are being trained. They take an active role in the ministry to children where 700 come each week to children’s church. He meets with the group of 53 week for prayer, planning and study for ministry. They also are reaching their own age group and having Bible studies with them in small groups throughout the city.  Yopal has become a comparatively safe city in Colombia and the media is beginning to ask why.

Yarley Niño

Transforming Nations

(4) How to conduct camps and intensive courses? Transforming Nations-Discipling the 4/14 Generation is the name given to the curriculum used for an eight day intensive training of 4/14ers usually conducted in a camp setting. Yarley Nino and Lyssette Ruiz developed the curriculum which has already implemented this curriculum in camps in Hong Kong, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico with transformational impact. By understanding the spiritual capacity of children, our ministry completely changed the approach by prioritizing on the discipleship of children, adolescents and youth. One of the most valuable tools to achieve this has been through residential camps using the curriculum that integrates the fundamentals of Christian faith with the biblical worldview and the cultural mandate to go and serve and bring transformation to the spheres of cultural influence that shape a society: family, church, government, media, education, economy, health and science. We hope to continue multiplying in different countries of the world..  (Lyssette Ruiz lyssetterd@gmail.com)

(5). How Korean and Hispanic servants of God collaborate to raise up a new generation from the 4/14 Window to transform the world?

a. Praying for the blessing of God on their lives, ministry and the shared mission of reaching the new generation.

Eliodoro Mora, superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Venezuela asks for God’s blessing as Ben Hur Korean pastor of Promise Church in Atlanta and co-sponsor of the event receives the blessing.

b. Worshipping God together express the unity of spirit.














c. Celebrating a new generation from the 4/14 Window together


d. Serving one another as did Dr. Eun Moo Lee, the facilitator of the event who labored for many months and many hours to prepare everything for the event.

Pastor Nam Soo Kim has traveled many times to Latin America in the twelve months leading up to speak at conferences in almost all Latin American nations.

He organized six football games in six different stadiums throughout Central America and other top soccer teams, blessing tens of thousands of children. Alexis Medina reported on the significant impact ten days of intensive training of Gen Yers in Uruguay by a core team of Koreans including a master of Tae Kwan Do.


e. Praying together for the 4/14 generation

Pastor James connected with other conference participants in intercession for the generation 4/14 on 4/14 (April 14) as the global day of prayer for children and youth in the 4/14 Window joining with others in the Pacific and Asia already started their day on 4 April.

Prayers were spoke in English, Spanish and Korean.





f. Giving thanks to one another
Francisco Martinez of Colombia at the pulpit) expresses gratitude to the representatives of the Korean 4/14 Window Alliance (standing on the right) newly formed by the commitment to work with the Latin American 4/14 Window Initiative as demonstrated in the past, experienced in the present and anticipated in the future.


(6) How to engage in the spiritual battle for the lives the 4/14ers –a case study of Concordia?

We take as example of how to engage in the spiritual battle for the lives of the 4/14ers the case study of the city of Concordia, which is a microcosm of  many other places in Latin America. Located a two and one half hour drive from where my paternal grandfather, Oscar Smedberg Bush,  was born on June 26, 1890 in the city of Gualeguaychú in the province of Entre Rios. Concordia’s history reveals the magnitude of the battle for the lives of the children.  For years Ligia Würfel, communication’s director for the Alliance of Evangelical Churches in Argentina, has served the children with her parents. The evidence of  battle over the children in the city were described one by one as Doris and I had dinner with her and her father the 29th of the November, 2011 following an official 4/14 Summit hosted by the mayor’s office in the government municipal building. Ligia had made a study of the history of the city and saw the evidences of struggle over the lives of the children including   children such as child poverty, child violence, neglect and poverty, lack of education, pagan and idolatrous worship in the city. She discovered overt demonic activity related to the evidence by such things as pilgrimages to shrines of Gauchito Gil on roadsides. Ligia identified and documented a host of Afro-Brazilian religions including Umbanda, macumba, kimbanda, and voodoo, San la muerte and Gaucho Gil. “Gauchito” Gil is thought to be a folk saint for many people who visit his shrine to ask for favors. The name Concordia in Spanish means the place where agreements are made. The children are the primary victims of the misfortunes of life in Concordia.

Concordia Municipality 29 Nov 2011 with Ligia Würfel y father

In recent years there has been a definite reversal as God’s servants have come together in unity as we saw expressed in the gathering at the Municipality on the 29th of November. They joined together to pray over the city and for agreement that God’s Kingdom would come to Concordia and his will be done in the city as it is in heaven. They also developed an action plan focused on the children. A new agreement has been made between the pastors, generating a climate of genuine unity. Prayer with spiritual authority has been lifted up in places of authority. Children are being served, educated, and equipped through schooling, Christian workshops, Saturday afternoon concentrations of children and intentional engagement in the spheres of influence in the city. In the process Ligia has been granted the position in the municipal government to make the decision on funding projects throughout the city. The spiritual atmosphere has changed in Concordia that benefits the next generation directly.


(7) ¿How to integrate the tools and products for reaching, rescuing, and equipping  the 4/14ers to become change agents?

We found over 21 NGOs that came to together to provide power and resource tools for evangelism (reaching), rescuing,  discipleship (training) and service ministry. Of these NGO’s four shared a workshop including Soledad Rozas from OneHope, one of 7 partners in evangelism,

Winston Fermin de Oansa, one of 8 partners in the area of discipleship, Napoleon Ardaya of Bolivia shared leadership principles from the life of Christ and Crisitina Rodriguez, AMO, Republica Dominicana shared a model for teachers training.

Leonel Espinoza

Leonel Espinoza as facilitator of the sports network is also worth noting. He is a pastor and chaplain with influence among the athletes.




The New Generation Connection conference recognized the vital importance of generational transformation. The desire to share resources to reach every arena based on the principles and values taught and modeled by Jesus as it relates to the children resulted in sharing models that inform, inspire and instruct  how to maximize the transformative impact of the group 4/14.
As a result of the 4-14 Window Conference in Atlanta a new sense of commitment to one another and between Koreans and Hispanics to engage in collaborative to bring about transformation through the involvement in and training of a new generation for their making a difference in the different spheres of cultural influence in society.


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