4/14 Window South Asia 2012 – Prepared by Dr. Alex Phillip, 4/14 Movement Regional Faciltiator for South Asia


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International Christian Visual Media and the 4/14 Window


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Transform Korea Reunification Vision

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4/14ers on the Brink of a Cliff in Much of East Asia

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Urgent Call to Respond to Seven Global Challenges Planned at Transform World Pre-Summit

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The 4/14 Window in the World Pray Assembly: A New Wave is Coming

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Portuguese Latin America Regional 4/14 Window Conference

God’s move in Brazil through 4/14 Window
By: Odijon Ribeiro

March 23rd to 27th – Curitiba – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo

At the Portuguese Latin America Regional 4/14 Window Conference held in Curitiba- Brazil a new season has begun for the Brazilian church as leaders from more than 30 denominations representing more than 40 cities around Brazil came together to celebrate the national launch of 4/14 Window Movement. This was a historic moment.

This launch was a significant event. So many partnerships were established, and the Lord is using this opportunity to show to the Brazilian Church that it is a new season in mission. We need to look forward into the future and start to prepare the foundation for a transformed nation. After this conference two more 4/14 events took place; one in Rio de Janeiro and one in Sao Paulo.

After this event we expect to see more and more 4/14 events through out Brazil. “This is a start of a new thing,” said one of the leaders present at the event.



Luis with Daniel Ribeiro, first child consecrated to God under the 4/14 Vision

Odijon Ribeiro with his wife Josie have been missionaries for 15 years serving the Lord in Paraguay, England, Niger-West Africa and Egypt. Odijon is doing his Master at Fuller Seminary on Global Leadership.
His experience in ministry started in his late teenage hood with his father doing church planting in North Brazil. They are members of World Horizons, a mission agency based in Wales.
They have two children, Daniel (5) and Jessica (1) and both have a large experience in church planting, development training and leading multi-cultural teams.

 How did it all get started in Brazil?

 September, 2011 – The Birth

 September 2010 at the II Global Summit, Odijon  Ribeiro took the challenge to facilitate the 4/14        Window movement in Brazil.

One year has passed and the movement has already come to many

Luis and Doris with Odijon Ribeiro, Latin America Portuguese facilitator

denominations. There is already a Brazilian Steering Committee and a national consultation has just happened.

The Brazilian 4/14 Steering Committee is formed by different denominations and Parachurch organizations. “It is a miracle how things came together,” said Odijon Ribeiro.  God must be at work, man can’t bring together different denominations to be part of the same committee! And all leaders at the Steering Committee agree with this statement.

First Brazilian Steering Committee meeting

We still have so much to do in Brazil, it is just starting. We hope the Lord will lead the leaders in Brazil to prioritize this new generation and will work hard to reach, equip, prepare and send them back to society so we will see a transformed nation.

The national consultation in Curitiba from April 23rd to 25th was a mark on the history of the movement in Brazil. The consultation was divided on the 7 spheres of influence in the lives of the 4/14ers.

Nilton de Souza

Fernando Camargo is the director of the mission board for the Four Square Church in Brazil. He is married to Jane Camargo, and they have two daughters.
He has been inspired by the 10/40 Window for many years and today he oversees 40 Brazilian missionaries around the world. He heard about the 4/14 movement in 2011 when Luis Bush visited his church. He participated in the 4/14 Global Summit in Singapore in 2011 and knew that he was going to be part of the movement.
Since his return from the global summit he has been supporting the movement to grow in Brazil. The first national 4/14 consultation was held at his church in Curitiba, South Brazil.

Nilton de Souza facilitated the sphere of the Church. He is the national manager for evangelism at the Brazilian Baptist Convention. Pastors in this sphere discussed the role of the Church preparing the 4/14ers. They came up with a strategic plan for this sphere.

Sphere of Education

Cida Mattar

Cida Matter who is the executive director of AECEP, an associations of private schools with principles, led this sphere and discussed the situation of the education in Brazil.

Edson Bruno

Sphere of Media

Edson Buno was the facilitator for this sphere. He presented the need for the Church to use the media to reach the new generation.

Sphere of Government

Guilherme Shelb

Guilherme Shelb is a federal prosecutor who is involved with the cause of children in the government arena. He proposed the vision for each church to adopt a local school near by. He also suggested the implementation of a “Kingdom Office” to monitor corruption in the government.

 Sphere of Arts

Roberta Silva shared her experience in using the arts to bring transformation in the lives of the children.

Iverson Gomes de lima

Sphere of Business

Iverson de Lima shared the potential this sphere has to bring transformation to the community and the nations and for a new generation.

Thomas Smoak

Sphere of Family

Thomas Smoak presented the situation of the Brazilian families and discussed strategies for this sphere to raise up the 4/14ers.

Thiago Torres

Generation Y

Thiago Torres introduced the vision of Generation Y to mentor the 4/14ers.

The Story of Jesus Christ 14 million copies in Brazil by the end of 2012

A Historia de Jesus Cristo

 In partnership with David C. Cook the 4/14 window movement will distribute 14 million booklets entitled “The Story of Jesus.”
Part of the distribution is already under way. In São Paulo some public schools opened their doors to distribute the booklets to 4/14ers. The booklets are such an impact in the lives of many children who already received them.

Many denominations have agreed to distribute them but the majority of the booklets, ten million, are going to the Brazilian Baptist Convention. They are planning to use them as part of their 100 days of evangelism in July 2012 around Brazil.

We believe the booklets will bring great impact in the lives of the children of Brazil. This is an opportunity like no other to reach out to our children.

In a particular public school, a teacher who is Christian asked permission from the principal to distribute the booklets in her classroom. The principal of the school saw the booklets and felt that they were not threatening to any religion and granted permission.

The teacher shared with her students the booklets and the reaction was immediate. The children were very exited by them and started to ask questions about the life of Jesus. The teacher felt that this was a good opportunity to show the love of God to her students and at the end asked them if they wanted to come to the Lord and amazingly many said “Yes”. This is only a little story of many on how the Lord is using this booklet to show his love to children.

The 4/14 Orchestras

The Portuguese Latin America Regional 4/14 Window Conference was held at the Four Square Church in Curitiba.

In the second night the opening was with an orchestra from the First Baptist Church of Curitiba. It was the first time that a Bap- tist Church presented in a Four Square church in this city.

In Rio the Janeiro the 4/14 event was held at the Second Baptist Church of Rio. In that event we had an orchestra from the As- sembly of God church for the opening. We think that those events represented God’s will for unity toward the 4/14 vision.

Four cities of Brazil will participate in the Children & Youth Praise Festival as part of the Vision 60/2020. Facilitated by Dr. Johann Kim kimpraise@gmail.com in partnership with the 4/14 Movement the vision involves holding a Praise Festi- val in sixty cities of the world by 2020. We want to be part of what God is doing around the world and be part of the body of Christ to reach out to the 4/14ers.

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